image: Woods

My name is Dylan. I’m English, originally. I live in The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. I’m a programmer by profession, and a poet by want.

arts & ego is an identity website, so I let my personality out to play. You may note, from its lay out, that I try to avoid stating the obvious. To do so presumes browsers are too dim to notice what’s around them. It is a cultural habit, I think, not to assume insulting things of strangers.

Anyway, as a poet, I know to say what I want to say by not saying it.

Stating personal pronouns seems to be a bit of a fad. I’m not very good at fads. Worse, being bought up British, I feel anything personal is private. All the same, if you must:

    i, me, my, mine,
    thy, thee, thy, thine,
    tā, tā, tā de, tā de

The latter set, in Pinyin, are the same no matter the gender. Thus, if you must talk about me behind my back, please do so in standard Mandarin.