public keys


Use encrypted email to send me confidential information.

If you wish to contact me privately using PGP, please use this PGP public key when emailing me at I can also be contacted using the encrypted Proton Mail service at


Here are two alternatives for those who do not have access to Proton Mail:


Here’s my PGP public key.

Just in case you need it, here’s my old PGP key.

If you’re new to PGP, you’ll need a PGP package. When choosing, keep in mind the critical problems reported in May 2018 with many (not all) PGP clients. I am in no position to suggest Mozilla Thunderbird, GNU privacy guard (GPG), or products by Symantec, who own PGP Inc..


I will be updating my S/MIME certificates in the near future. I suggest using PGP, if possible, for the time being.

Here’s my S/MIME email certificate.

Generally, you can buy an S/MIME certificate from a commercial Certificate Authority (CA), or make your own Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). I did the latter, making this certificate chain: root CA → primary CA → identity CA → email.

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