04 2020

schëfflenger bierg schëfflenger bierg
walking a mountain bike course
woods first impressions
so far, i’m happy with my new iMac
woods iCloud storage
the price is a total & utter rip–off
woods virtualising sierra
migrating a 2009 iMac to a 2020 VM
escher blummen escher blummen
i think i have my 2020 photograph
woods redlands woodlands
originally posted on self–quarantine lines
L backlit in the spring sunshine
escher blummen ssc
introducing the static site checker
screenshot minerva’s den
an extension with a decent plot
a backlit wood wood
a beautiful day with a 105mm lens
blossom escher blummen
sun, sun, exercise, & a 105mm lens
photo diapositives diapositives
LE CIRQUE (le spactacle) de Raymond MEDARD
rapture burial at sea
two bioshock infinite extensions
screenshot bioshock 2
a long and satisfying time–filler