This blog’s readership, my dear imaginary reader, should have noticed by now the recent emphasis on a certain style of image.

image: default liquid 1

I’m exploring a product I’ve owned for a long while, Synthetik’s Studio Artist. I used it a long time ago, rather effectively if I don’t say so myself, in my old seen heard) blog, but never explored it properly. As a photographer, I could describe it as a sophisticated package of photographic effects, in much the same way that I might describe a Giant Sequioa as a piece of wood.

I’ve been putting the software through it’s paces, applying what it can do to a photo I took at La Défense earlier in the year (below). You’re seeing some of the results.

Everything’s being put together in a new section on this site, here. There’s a long way to go. I’m about a tenth of the way through.

image: paris lxxxvi

So why am I doing it? I sense the software may be a very useful tool to give my photography a kick up the arse the next time it dries up, like my music has dried up at the moment. I think it will give me the freedom to do to any photograph what I’m learning from my exploration of reflection, or my old exploration of mold (a very nice town).

Go read the introduction for a more detailed … er … introduction.