I much prefer Windows 10 on a mobile phone to Apple’s clunky and confusing iOS, let alone to Google’s appallingly insecure Android.

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(Android may be pretty secure against hackery, but it is woefully leaky with personal information, which google nick and sell to conmen. The owner and creator of that information gets no say in the matter. They do not receive the royalties they richly deserve, even though creating the information often represents work, time and money. Having access to Android itself is not a reasonable royalty, particularly since it’s little more than a few fancy bits and bobs shoved on top of a free and open source operating system, Linux.)

As things stand, I have the choice between being the willing victim of information theft, or paying through the nose to Apple for their very good hardware and clunky, inadequate software. I would prefer to have reasonable good hardware and very good software, e.g. the Windows Phone.

Unfortunately, Microsoft discontinued the Windows phone a couple of years ago. My old Windows 10 phone started to misbehave; randomly rebooting more and more often. It became unusable. I found I had no choice but to replace it with something worse. Look, don’t get me wrong, iOS is quite usable, mostly, and it does the job it’s supposed to do, it just isn’t nearly as good as the Windows phone.

(To extend that comparison, I bought a tablet a while ago. I would not even consider an Apple tablet. The hardware is fine. The problem is the software. It’s a toy. You cannot basic creative things on it, such as coding. You can on a Surface. So I bought a Surface. A Surface to an iPad is a Windows Phone to an iPhone.)

A few days ago, I came across a comment somewhere on the infamous internet suggesting a randomly rebooting Windows 10 Phone was usually caused a borked battery. In retrospect, it’s obvious, but that hadn’t occurred to me beforehand. Anyway, I promptly ordered a new battery, and, bingo, my old Windows phone is now almost as good as new! Yay! I’ve gone back to using it.

This isn’t a perfecto mundo. There are issues to consider. First of all, Windows 10 on the phone has been patched for years, and won’t be patched again, which means it undoubtedly has permanent insecurities. Secondly, some of the software on the phone was showing its age when the phone was regularly updated, and is pretty hairy now: for example, the VPN facility is ancient. Some websites no longer display well; indeed, a few are so badly built they don’t display at all.

All the same though, I’ve got the phone back, and I’m a happy bunny.