who am i

image: by Vero Bielinski

Hi! I’m dylan harris. You’re browsing arts & ego, my identity website. This is my hello world, my who am i, my egofest, my there you go, my very selected autobiography.

I was born in blighty, just before the space age began. I was raised back in beyond’s genteel weeds, but studied computing in London. I am a software nerd, petting and tormenting calculation machines to suite the whims of many a boss with dosh. I lived mostly in the smoke and its environs, until, mid–dreadnoughts, I escaped those malign CCTV–blighted shores to become a broad brit abroad.

I moved unhurriedly around western Europe, learning to roughly converse in four more languages. Paris did what Paris does: I got hitched (we’ve no sproglets). Today, we’re settled in the iron town of Esch/Uelzecht, in the Grand Duchy.

What’s it like to live in such a small country? Imagine the West Riding accidentally became a country in the Brontës’ day, and you’ll sense Luxembourg. It’s got hills and dales, mills and mines, farms and steel, a we’re–in–this–together mentality. It’s a country of small towns and old castles, with a county town capital of embassies and funded arts, royalty and pride, culture and new language, and all that goes with them. It’s similar to, and yet so different from, many a county in blighty.

I’ve posted tons of stuff, including poetry, music, & photography. My blog has wild opinions and mild rants. I’ve even written books. It’s all my own catfood (almost).

Please do have a jolly good mosey about.

My thanks to Vero Bielinski for the photo.