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swlc goals

The primary goal of swlc is to check website links speedily, consistently and correctly.

I have a number of secondary goals:

  • Write a working program over a bank holiday weekend.
  • Write some C++ code: I haven’t written C++ code for a number of years, mostly because my current job has taken me in a different direction, but I want to keep my hand in.
  • Explore C++ 1x features. Not having written C++ for a while, I’m not so familiar with the goodies introduced in C++1x, and want to play with them.
  • Explore Visual Studio 2019. I’m familiar with the older versions of Microsoft’s Visual Studio, but haven’t done much with the recent editions, and I want to correct that lack.
  • Ensure the software can be run on a wide range of operating systems (but see below).

I’ve written the code to be portable, and I expect that it’ll be pretty easy to build project files for other systems, when I’ve time to do so. I previously included a Windows project file in the project, but now only offer a very simple (unix style) makefile. I want to include a CMake file. Watch this space!