angst cycle (iii) — [ξ] (i)

i have to admit
in one area
i’ve really lied

she picked up
that i think
she’s pretty crap
at organising things

she organised me
a public night of songbirds
i travelled the seas
and when i arrived
and they were dead
all dead

she’d not thought
that one person’s promise
the critical person on the critical path
might not be kept

not organising backup
an emergency plan

for that matter
admiring other people’s incompetence
is not the mark
of an organiser

i’m not that hot
i have the habit
when someone needs confidence
letting myself depend on them
putting their needs
before the thing being organised

but i know the fault
why do you think
i rarely organise things

and yes
profuse apologies
were given and accepted

by if you don’t admit your errors
you don’t learn from your mistakes

and if you don’t accept criticism
then you don’t admit your errors

and if you tell other people off
for their critical attitude
it suggests
you don’t accept their criticism

let the facts speak
not me

the problem is inexperience
accept it
adapt to it