angst cycle (iii) — [ƞ] (i)

the sadness is deepening

we had great companionship
but when she made her months of move
she was attached
and had i responded then
she made it clear
i would have been
a temporary entertainment
her attached guy
was moving back
into her world
a month or two later

for me

if by some magic luck
she changed her heart
and came to me
it could only be
for a while
she doesn’t stick

i came across some research
that showed a generalism
intelligent women are disloyal
stupid ones stick
apart from wondering about definitions
and doubting the reporting

i can’t handle treachery
i won’t accept treachery
i won’t chase it either
hence my non–response
when it was offered

i don’t think
i want to chase
an idiot
what to talk about
between the sweat
i don’t think
i could be happy
with treachery

it is the lucky few
who are incapable
of being poisoned
by love